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Chocolate Fountain Hire - An Exhibitors Dream

One of the newer tools for the professional exhibitor and performing extremely well.  New gimmicks are always a crowd puller, but with the added benefit of Earls Court Exhibitionsupplying food and chocolate to your would be clients, you are bound to be on to a winner.

The large Chocolate Fountains certainly have the ‘Wow!’ factor and great visual impact. The sumptuous smell of gorgeous Belgian Chocolate will circulate around the exhibition hall and people will come looking for it. A busy stand is a certainty with this option and the power of chocolate should not be underestimated. It is a medical fact that eating chocolate triggers Endorphins to be released by the brain. This puts people in an excited, bubbly and happy mood. Just what you need to make that sale! It is important that the chocolate fountain you use has an operator to look after the running of the attraction leaving your staff free to sell.

Important Notes; Where possible, choose a company that does not add oil toChocolate Fountain At Biba Conference their chocolate. This is quite common and does tend to leave an after taste. It must be a good experience for visitors to your stand for it to work for you. Don’t try and use the mini fountains you can by in the shops. They are for domestic use only and are not designed for use at large events. They just won’t cope.

Usually there is a buzz that circulates around the exhibition hall with people talking about the chocolate fountain and the stand that it is on. Definitely one to consider.

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