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Caricature of Gorden BrownCaricaturists

An old favourite and for good reason.


1)     A good crowd puller. If your stand is busy, you stimulate the curiosity of visitors passing your stand. They feel like they are missing something and come on to your stand to find out what it is. Once there, they do stay for a while. How many times have you seen a large crowd gathered around a caricaturist on a seafront while you are on holiday?

2)     Caricatures, by nature, are funny. Laughter coming from your stand will again stimulate curiosity attracting people to your stand. Making people laugh lifts their spirits and puts them in the right mood to be sold to, giving your team an edge.

3)     Having a caricaturist as an exhibition entertainer also acts as an ‘ice breaker’ and gives your team a reason to discretely start a conversation with your potential clients.

4)     Visitors to your stand also get to take their caricature away with them. By prior arrangement with the caricaturist, your logo or product can be pre-printed on to the art paper in advance. This way the visitor takes away their caricature, branded with your company logo, which often ends up framed on their office wall.

5)     A caricaturist takes up very little space on your stand and is also very mobile.

6)     Being a one man operation, caricaturists are very cost effective as exhibition entertainers. That said, for larger stands you can hire more than one if required.

7)   Some caricaturists can draw directly on to a computer tablet. This means that the caricature can be shown on a screen or projector while it is being drawn. This can often attract a bigger audience.

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