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Silhouette Artists - 'Something Different'


1)     A great way of attracting people to your stand, is using something different that most people have never seen before. A silhouette artist certainly meets this criteria. This art form was originally started back in Victorian times. There are only about 7 or 8 professional silhouette artists currently in the UK.

2)     Due to their rarity, people show a lot of interest in them, therefore creating a buzz around your stand and there by attracting more people to see your product or service.

3)     The amazing detail the artists can cut is unbelievable. View some of the samples below. You can often identify the person, just by their silhouette. They are really that good!

4)     How To Make The Most Of Your Silhouette Artist?
Once the artist has cut the silhouette they will mount them on to white card for the client. Why not pre-print some cards with your company details, which the artist can mount the silhouettes on and everyone will be taking your details away with them. After the exhibition, they will be showing lots of people their silhouette and your company details at the same time. People often have them framed and keep them for a long time.

5)     Just like a caricaturist or magician, a silhouette artist is very mobile and takes up very little space. Perfect when space on your stand is at a premium.

A Few Samples;

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