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Close Up Magicians


1)     Another good crowd puller. If your stand is busy, you stimulate the curiosity of visitors passing your stand. They feel like they are missing something and come on to your stand to find out what it is.

2)     Close Up Magicians perform magic tricks which will astound visitors to your stand. Mixed with a touch of humour people will be laughing and clapping. Again this lifts their spirits and puts them in the right mood to be sold to, giving your team that all important competitive edge.

3)     Having a Close Up Magician as an exhibition entertainer also acts as an ‘ice breaker’ and gives your team a reason to discretely start a conversation with your potential clients.

4)     Depending on your product or service, the Close Up Magician, may be able to incorporate it in to some of his tricks.

5)     A magician usually only has himself and a briefcase, so takes up very little space on your stand and is also very mobile.

Meet The Magicians