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Exhibition Entertainment Ideas – A Guide For Exhibitors

For many companies who exhibit their products or services to the trade or general public, exhibitions can be an emotional and financial roller coaster. This website is designed to give advice to newcomers and experienced exhibitors, in ways to attract people on to their stands.

You have spent thousands of pounds on your exhibition stand and promotional material, but how do you get people on to your stand, especially when your competitors are all around you?

Even if you have a unique product, it is important to remember that every other stand at the exhibition is still a competitor. You are not only competing for a percentage of that persons ‘spending power’ but more importantly you are competing for their time at the exhibition. Remember, the longer they are on your stand, the less time they are on your competitors stand!

Analyzing The Visitors To An Exhibition

Put yourself in the position of being a visitor at an exhibition; 

1)     You have probably had to spend time travelling to the exhibition, often with the stresses and strains of public transport or traffic queues approaching the exhibition venue.

2)     You have queued to get in to the exhibition.

3)     Once you have entered the exhibition, you now have to run the gauntlet of 100’s of sales staff, often trying to sell you something you have no interest in whatsoever. Even if you are interested, After 30 minutes, you are fed up with sales staff (yes, that’s you) and loaded up with carrier bags full of brochures. Your enthusiasm is now draining away fast. Now all you want to do is get round and get out. You concentrate on not making eye contact with the sales staff so that they don’t talk to you (you must have spotted this at previous exhibitions). This means they are not looking at your stand and walk straight past. Even if they are interested in your service or product they will often not look at you, from fear of being hijacked by another sales person.

How Do You Combat This & Attract Visitors To Your Stand?

A big question with more than one answer. If they are trying to walk by without making eye contact, you need to attract their attention and once you’ve done that, you need them to want to come on to your stand.

A very effective strategy is to stimulate their curiosity. Basically, you need a gimmick and there are several to choose from which are tried and tested and readily available. You need to assess which will suit your product, your stand size, your budget and your target audience. 

What ‘Tools’ Are Available To You?

We will go through your options one by one, with a brief description of how they attract clients to your stand. Each option will have a link to more detailed information about that service and the choices available to you.

As new ideas and services become available, we will be adding them to this site. Please add us to your 'Favourites' in your web browser now, so you know where to find us next time.

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